Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Superior Hawtness? Thong VS. Booty Short

THONG - The thong is a garment generally worn as either underwear or as a swimsuit by both women and men in many industrialized societies around the world. It may also be worn for traditional ceremonies or competitions such as sumo wrestling. (Wikipedia)
BOY SHORTS - also known as boy short panties, boys' cut, booty shorts, shorties, tap panties or boyleg briefs are a sort of lingerie that goes all the way down the hips.  They are a relatively new, but increasingly popular style of lingerie among women and are named for their similarity in looks to men's knit boxer shorts, which themselves are a variation on traditional boxer shorts. Unlike men's briefs, however, this style is usually lower cut, and is designed to fit and flatter a woman's figure. (Wikipedia)

A debate as old as time...Ok, maybe not, but in the past few years I have been rather ecstatic to have an alternative to the thong.  I probably started wearing them in middle school, around the time where changing for gym in the locker rooms became part of life.  No one wanted to be the girl caught with the granny panties Hanes her way crap.  Unfortunately, the alternative was to wear dental floss up your butt.


Booty shorts, look fantastic on just about anyone (in my opinion).  Full bottom girls can absolutely rock the shit out of this style, and if you don't have enough junk-in-tha-trunk to pull off a thong gracefully it can help create some curves by shedding a little underbutt cleavage...veryy nice!

They are very comfortable.  I prefer to sleep in this style.  They don't constrict my legs, and I don't have to continually 'adjust' them while I peacefully dream...ZZzzZzZzz

They have that innocent/adorable/sexy look to them.  Where a thong is more in your face about being DTF, the boy short leaves more to the imagination, and has a younger appeal to them.  You can even wear them out on halloween if you want and dance around without offending anyone. (mostly anyone...)


Underwear lines.  Leggings and tights are all the rage right now, and its already hard to not look 'lumpy'.  Boy shorts can sometimes be too much bulk underneath tight clothing, and you risk looking like a tightly packaged sausage.

Unadjustable wedgies.  If you do encounter a boy short wedgie, it is usually a damn good one.  You practically have to dig both hands down into your pants to dig them out.  Not hot.

Too much converage.  If you are trying to seduce that special someone, this might not be the choice for you.  While they can be sexy, if this is a first time seduction, I would rock something a little more scandalous (less is more)


No underwear lines.  When rocking leggings, spandex, jeggings, tights, etc. this is the way to go!  You can aviod any unpleasant bulge, and keep that booty smooooooth.

Sexy Mama.  The thong is the queen of all sexy underwear styles, and there are soooooo many different variations of them.  My favorite is the Hanky Panky brand.  They are just straight stretchy lace, and they are sooooo comfortable for a thong.  A little thong peakage out of the jeans is like a bullseye for men.  If you're looking to rowdy up your man, the thong is the best way to go.

Soooooo many different options,  G-string, Regular thong, V-string, you name it.  There is a much bigger selection when it comes to this style.  So, if you're like me and like to match your bra to your undies, this may be an easier match to find.


THEYRE FUCKING UNCOMFORTABLE.  Some are better than others....Hanky Panky = win, and G-strings = itchy crack.

Not a style that looks great on everyone.  Its really throwing the ass in the face like WHAM! here i am!  And unfortunately, not all of us have been blessed with a perfect brazilian bubble butt.  If you have a flatter ass, the thong can actually draw more attention to its lack of shape.

Not to be gross but...."Some gynecologists report that thongs can cause health problems in regular female wearers, including urinary tract and vaginal infections.  Simply put, thongs irritate the vagina and are not allowing it enough air or space. Thongs can also cause small lacerations which can invite infections. Worse, the small string on a thong allows the anus and vagina to be connected with each other. The thong as a link will carry bacteria from the rectum straight to the vagina. Bacteria such as group B Streptococcal disease and E.coli can be passed into both the anus and vagina." (Wikipedia)

Yeah............I'm gonna stick to booty shorts haha :)  But, what do you think???

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